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May 28, 2016

May 25, 2016

Porto i

Portugal photos from January continued.

Porto was the one other city I was able to name in Portugal when we were planning our trip. It's so picturesque, a photographer's dream, but less lively than Lisbon (expected, as it is a smaller city). It's a great place to explore on foot, but also very hilly.

May 24, 2016


This week, I'm posting up the photos of my time in Portugal in January.

Sintra is a town we visited as a day trip from Lisbon. It's classified as a UNESCO world heritage site for its architecture. It's also where "that well everyone takes a picture of" is, and after seeing Anouk's post I was really keen to go.

May 23, 2016

May 22, 2016

Lisbon i

Like Spain week last month, this week will be Portugal week, in my attempt to get all the photos from January posted up.

I didn't know much about Spain before going, and knew even less about Portugal. It was mainly a "we're in the general region, we should go there" kind of decision. In listening to people talk about Lisbon, they only had vague (but positive) things to say, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I kind of know what they mean now. There's not one special thing about this city in particular, but everything together - the buildings, the hills, the food, the people - made it one of my favourite new places we visited in Europe this time around. There seemed to be quite a few young people around, and apparently the nightlife is fantastic (we are grandmas and didn't test it out).

May 18, 2016


These outfit roundups just keep getting more ambitious. Next thing you know, it's going to be a 3x14.

When it comes to Monday to Friday (bottom row), I think my wardrobe is pretty solid. I more or less have a formula for a bunch of outfits I can put together without having to think in the morning. Most of the umm-ing and aah-ing is over my casual wear. I guess I could wear my work clothes, but usually I want to take the opportunity to wear things I can't wear at placement. However, I can't really make up my mind as to how exactly I want to dress in my downtime/at lectures, so those outfits are more of a hit or miss - I only really like the second row left outfit (maybe all black is the answer?).

  • Uniqlo sweatshirt / Just Jeans jeans / Saltwater Sandals for rescuing my dad when his car broke down.
  • Muji dress / Dune boots / Daniel Wellington watch* for classes.
  • and a Big W trench coat (via my mum okay) on top.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren jumper / Uniqlo jeans / Bass loafers / DW watch* for classes and then dinner.
  • Uniqlo parka / Uniqlo jeans / Nike Free sneakers / DW watch* for dinner.
  • Jack and Jones cardigan / H&M t-shirt / Uniqlo jeans / DW watch* for study group.
  • Joules jumper* / Glassons pants / Bass loafers for placement.
  • Old Navy shirt / Mango pants / Bass saddle shoes / DW watch* for placement.
  • ? jumper (also from my mum) / Glassons pants / Bass loafers / DW watch* for placement.
So much regret for buying that H&M t-shirt. I've only washed it a handful of times and it's already getting all gross and misshapen (the neckline is doing that thing where it won't lay flat). I mean, I guess you could say what did I expect buying from H&M - but I've had things from similar stores at similar price points which have lasted me years. Ironically, it's from the H&M Conscious Line - the cotton might be organic but it's going to end up thrown out way too soon anyway. I guess I'll just handwash it from now on, but I hate having to handwash a cotton t-shirt.

Another one regret? The Uniqlo ultra stretch jeans. I loved my old pair so much that when they blew out, I didn't really look at any other brands of jeans. Unfortunately, Uniqlo seemed to have changed these for the worse. The material is as comfortable, but it doesn't have the same rebound, so this pair is already saggy at the knees. They also seem to be a bit less tight at the ankles. And lastly, the worst crime of all - they have made the front pockets smaller. I hate them for doing that and I hate myself for not checking. I can't even fit half my iPhone 5 in there, are you kidding me? I could go on an entire rant about pockets and the general non-functionality of women's clothes but I'll close it there. I guess I'll just grudgingly wear this pair around for however many years they last.

May 15, 2016

Click these: shopping ethics and more

I finished my psychiatry term the other week and I'm currently on my GP (family medicine) term. It's too early to tell how I feel about GP, my reflex reaction is to not like it since it's quite different to my two current favourite specialties (surgery and emergency), but I feel like I let my preconceptions affect my psych term negatively so I'm trying to keep my mind as open as possible. I'm also starting to get more anxious about my final exams in September, when they will have one last chance to stop me from becoming a doctor...

Click these
  • Rae on social media aspirational envy. Interestingly, we both came to the conclusion that we don't get it as bad with the blogs we read.
  • Some beautiful snapshots of London by Katie. Can I go there again soon please?
  • Kate put together an interesting post on Prague vs. Budapest. Budapest sounds so sick, I'm definitely going to try and focus on the more eastern countries and go there the next time I'm in Europe.
  • Nina on eating out alone. I find eating alone is one of the most stressful parts of travelling solo, actually. Currently I'm okay with most eating alone situations except for dinner in table-service restaurant.
  • An old-ish article that I came across while trying to research UNIQLO's ethics. It talks about how UNIQLO has escaped being described as "fast fashion" despite having a similar business model (and possibly dodgy labour practices) to comparable fast fashion stores. The conclusion was, and I guess I agree, that the styles they come out with aren't as trend-driven and don't encourage over-buying.
  • All the same, I'd like to start looking at other alternatives before heading into UNIQLO (even though they always seem to have what I want). Project Just is a site that does detailed profiles (and nice summaries) of the ethics of different brands - might be a good place to double check when thinking of buying something from a particular store (there aren't that many on there yet though).
A year ago on Deluminators
  • I can't believe it's been a year since I did my rural term up in northern NSW. Throwback to when I did a day trip to Byron Bay.
  • Vivid is almost here again! I love it because it marks the start of winter, my favourite season here, and it's so fun to walk around in the crisp night air while the city sparkles (and trying to dodge families with prams).
I'm currently typing this up as I watch the Eurovision final re-run. Yes, Australians love Eurovision, which is why we've competed in it twice, despite being as far away from Europe as is possible. I try, and fail, to avoid spoilers every year, but it never makes it less fun to watch.

May 12, 2016


Over the past month or so I've been tweaking the blog layout and I've more or less managed to get it responsive. I was considering just buying a template, but I'm pretty proud of having stuck at it and working it out on my own (although the code is a mess). All the HTML and CSS that I currently know I learned myself, starting when I was 12 and making doll sites from scratch (remember iframes?). However, I couldn't work out how to get a dinky little expanding mobile navigation thing, probably because my navbar isn't a proper navbar in the first place. In the meanwhile I've made a categories page to get around it.

I don't know if I say enough how much I enjoy posting here and reading your comments and blogs. Blogging is actually my #1 hobby, although I'd never be able to put it on my CV (or even tell people about - about half my close friends have no idea this place exists and I'd have no idea how to bring it up, but maybe that's a topic for another post). I still get excited every time a comment lands in my inbox, and sometimes I can tell who the commenter is by the little email preview before I even see the username! A shout-out to the readers who don't comment as well. This blog was never on any kind of trajectory to be big, but the number of followers right now exceeds what a blog about my random life activities deserves in the first place, so I'm very flattered already.

Also, time for that loaded question - what kind of posts on here do you guys enjoy the most? Just curious, not planning to change what I blog about.

May 11, 2016


I've done a few individual outfit posts here and there on this blog, but to be honest I don't think my outfits on their own are that special. I feel like it makes more sense to do round-up posts like the last few - I kind of like seeing a bunch of my outfits together and looking at what items I've (unintentionally) repeated and wear the most. So these ones, from left to right, top row to bottom:

  • UNIQLO shirt / Glassons pants / Bass loafers / Daniel Wellington watch* for placement.
  • UNIQLO shirt / UNIQLO parka / UNIQLO jeans / Bass loafers / DW watch* for tacos with friends later that night.
  • UNIQLO top / Glassons pants / Dune loafers for placement.
  • UNIQLO top / Glassons pants / Bass loafers / DW watch* for my psychiatry interviewing exam (I passed, phew).
  • ? top / Jeans West jeans / Saltwater sandals / Guess watch for errands and dinner with friends.
  • Tommy Hilfiger shirt / Mango pants / Dune boots / DW watch* for orientation at my GP clinic.
That red/white striped top is something I dug out of the bottom of my "to wear as pyjamas" drawer. I found myself wanting a red and white breton top and remembered I had this, which I'd slept in for a couple of years, blind to the fact that it was acceptable to wear out and about. It's actually pretty battered - I had to stitch up some holes at the back (alternating red and white thread, which was interesting) and it's kind of all out of shape, but it works and if I still like it when it finally falls apart, I'll find a replacement.

May 8, 2016

Sun and sea walls

There I was in bed on Saturday morning, just woken up, revelling in the fact that I could lie in for a bit longer... when my phone rang. It was my dad, and could I please go pick him up because the car's broken down. Well, fine, I guess after all the times he's picked me up from the train station way later than I said I'd be there, it's the least I can do. And I guess Cronulla beach isn't the worst place in the world to end up on a sunny morning.

These (kind of aesthetically pleasing) tessellating blocks make up a sea wall, which protects the beachfront infrastructure against erosion from strong waves during storms by dispersing the water energy (this is paraphrased from Wikipedia and all I know about the topic).

May 5, 2016

Skincare routine

I haven't really talked about skincare on this blog since my post on moisturising while on isotretinoin (Roaccutane) back in 2013 (also, I realise I never wrote the post on my Roaccutane experience and it'll probably never happen now). Anyway, I recently had to restock so I thought I'd do a post on what I use.

This is everything I use on my skin, which is a little sensitive, oily, and occasionally spotty (nothing cystic and ridiculous since I've been on the Roaccutane, thankfully). I acknowledge the importance of skincare (especially since my skin's given me so much grief), but looking for and trying new products is more of a chore for me than anything.

La Roche Posay Effaclar cleanser. It seems to work well, it makes my skin feel clean but not too dry. To be honest it's the only cleanser I've used in the last three or so years, I'm too afraid to try another in case my skin flips out.

Mecca To Save Face SPF30+ sunscreen. Jessica had suggested this one, I went through two little tubes and finally committed with the big one. I find it hydrating enough so that I can wear it without another moisturiser (even in winter), and it doesn't give me that shiny slick look.

Bioderma Sebium Hydra moisturiser. A "compensating" moisturiser for oily skin that's subjected to drying acne treatments, which I use as a night moisturiser/when I'm going to be at home indoors all day. My compensating moisturiser of choice is actually La Roche Posay Effaclar H, which doesn't ship to Australia anymore (I'm hoping this means it'll be available here soon). This Bioderma one more or less works the same, I have no complaints, but the Effaclar H smells nicer and feels better on.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (US) spot treatment. The US version of this has benzoyl peroxide and is more of a treatment than the UK/Europe version which is more of a preventative. I don't know if I've had this tube too long now (a year and few months) but there's no best before icon so I assume I'm good to keep using it til it runs out. It's been a few years since I used the UK/Europe version, which I believe has since changed its formula, and I'm wondering if my skin will be more responsive to that now - I might grab a tube when I finish off this one.

Alpha H Liquid Gold. A lot of people rave about the miracles this works for their skin but unfortunately I don't really see a difference. I was hoping it would fade some old scars and generally make my skin look better. I didn't take this along with me while travelling, and while I wasn't using it my skin was exactly the same. I've almost finished the bottle (it's lasted me a year, using it 2-3 times a week), I probably won't repurchase it.

I've been wanting to add something physically exfoliating so I'm going to drop by Lush and pick up one of their cleansers to use every few days. And once the Liquid Gold runs out I might try and find another treatment for fading marks. I will also give a shout out to the two best things I've found for my skin - drinking loads of water and getting lots of sleep. Which is way easier said than done, and most likely why my skin's been rebelling over the past few weeks.

May 4, 2016

Sell-off, take two

Last year I did a wardrobe clear out and unsuccessfully tried to sell some clothes at Glebe Markets. I thought I was pretty brutal with the cull, but being away from most of my wardrobe last summer made me realise

  • That I can live through all possible climates with 12 items of clothing (okay I'd probably like to add my workout gear and a dress to that).
  • That said, there were quite a few things that I missed while I was away.
  • There are also clothes I didn't think about at all during that time, currently taking up half the space in my wardrobe. That stuff has gotta go. Just looking at that picture above - I only regularly wear half those shirts - is stressing me out.
I still want to squeeze out as many remaining cents as I can, so I've started selling things through one of those selling apps (Carousell). I'd never heard of it before, but my friend mentioned she'd had quite a bit of success with it. I've managed to make a few sales already - I hadn't realised it was so widely used here! Obviously I'm selling at a loss, but at least I'm getting something back. It's low pressure too, since it's free to list and you can have things up there indefinitely. It's set up with social media elements (likes and follows) so it's more a place people go to casually browse and buy, rather than search for specific items, which has been helpful to me since nothing I list is particularly special brand-wise.

At the same time, I need to set some rules for myself or the stuff will just be on both the app and in my closet forever. So I'm going to give items I've listed for under $10 three months to sell before I donate/give them away, and the other items six months. I was also discussing with another friend about challenging myself to only buy clothes with the money I make from selling clothes, but I'm too chicken to commit to that.

Anyone else try to sell their old clothes - or just not bother and donate?

May 1, 2016

Touch of gold

I have this serious problem where once in a while I'll feel this need to cut my own hair. I know. It never ever ever ever works out well, I'll do it and regret it, and then a few months down the track it starts sounding like a good idea again. Anyway this time it turned out particularly badly, so I'm going to have to wear my hair back until it grows long enough for a proper cut. To make this more bearable, I picked up some hair accessories from H&M.

Ponytail cuff, which I hadn't realised I was wearing upside down - but let's be real, it's going to look like this most of the time. I barely have time in the morning to wrestle my ponytail into it, let alone make sure it's correctly aligned.

Bobby pins (don't worry there were more in the pack).

I picked up everything in gold because it matches the hardware on most of my bags/watches, and also cause it's pretty. I'm pretty sure the elastic attached to the cuff will break sooner or later, but I reckon it'll still work to fit over a regular hair elastic.

If my hair doesn't grow fast enough, I can see myself amassing a collection of hair decorations...