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May 11, 2016


I've done a few individual outfit posts here and there on this blog, but to be honest I don't think my outfits on their own are that special. I feel like it makes more sense to do round-up posts like the last few - I kind of like seeing a bunch of my outfits together and looking at what items I've (unintentionally) repeated and wear the most. So these ones, from left to right, top row to bottom:

  • UNIQLO shirt / Glassons pants / Bass loafers / Daniel Wellington watch* for placement.
  • UNIQLO shirt / UNIQLO parka / UNIQLO jeans / Bass loafers / DW watch* for tacos with friends later that night.
  • UNIQLO top / Glassons pants / Dune loafers for placement.
  • UNIQLO top / Glassons pants / Bass loafers / DW watch* for my psychiatry interviewing exam (I passed, phew).
  • ? top / Jeans West jeans / Saltwater sandals / Guess watch for errands and dinner with friends.
  • Tommy Hilfiger shirt / Mango pants / Dune boots / DW watch* for orientation at my GP clinic.
That red/white striped top is something I dug out of the bottom of my "to wear as pyjamas" drawer. I found myself wanting a red and white breton top and remembered I had this, which I'd slept in for a couple of years, blind to the fact that it was acceptable to wear out and about. It's actually pretty battered - I had to stitch up some holes at the back (alternating red and white thread, which was interesting) and it's kind of all out of shape, but it works and if I still like it when it finally falls apart, I'll find a replacement.

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