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May 18, 2016


These outfit roundups just keep getting more ambitious. Next thing you know, it's going to be a 3x14.

When it comes to Monday to Friday (bottom row), I think my wardrobe is pretty solid. I more or less have a formula for a bunch of outfits I can put together without having to think in the morning. Most of the umm-ing and aah-ing is over my casual wear. I guess I could wear my work clothes, but usually I want to take the opportunity to wear things I can't wear at placement. However, I can't really make up my mind as to how exactly I want to dress in my downtime/at lectures, so those outfits are more of a hit or miss - I only really like the second row left outfit (maybe all black is the answer?).

  • Uniqlo sweatshirt / Just Jeans jeans / Saltwater Sandals for rescuing my dad when his car broke down.
  • Muji dress / Dune boots / Daniel Wellington watch* for classes.
  • and a Big W trench coat (via my mum okay) on top.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren jumper / Uniqlo jeans / Bass loafers / DW watch* for classes and then dinner.
  • Uniqlo parka / Uniqlo jeans / Nike Free sneakers / DW watch* for dinner.
  • Jack and Jones cardigan / H&M t-shirt / Uniqlo jeans / DW watch* for study group.
  • Joules jumper* / Glassons pants / Bass loafers for placement.
  • Old Navy shirt / Mango pants / Bass saddle shoes / DW watch* for placement.
  • ? jumper (also from my mum) / Glassons pants / Bass loafers / DW watch* for placement.
So much regret for buying that H&M t-shirt. I've only washed it a handful of times and it's already getting all gross and misshapen (the neckline is doing that thing where it won't lay flat). I mean, I guess you could say what did I expect buying from H&M - but I've had things from similar stores at similar price points which have lasted me years. Ironically, it's from the H&M Conscious Line - the cotton might be organic but it's going to end up thrown out way too soon anyway. I guess I'll just handwash it from now on, but I hate having to handwash a cotton t-shirt.

Another one regret? The Uniqlo ultra stretch jeans. I loved my old pair so much that when they blew out, I didn't really look at any other brands of jeans. Unfortunately, Uniqlo seemed to have changed these for the worse. The material is as comfortable, but it doesn't have the same rebound, so this pair is already saggy at the knees. They also seem to be a bit less tight at the ankles. And lastly, the worst crime of all - they have made the front pockets smaller. I hate them for doing that and I hate myself for not checking. I can't even fit half my iPhone 5 in there, are you kidding me? I could go on an entire rant about pockets and the general non-functionality of women's clothes but I'll close it there. I guess I'll just grudgingly wear this pair around for however many years they last.

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