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May 15, 2016

Click these: shopping ethics and more

I finished my psychiatry term the other week and I'm currently on my GP (family medicine) term. It's too early to tell how I feel about GP, my reflex reaction is to not like it since it's quite different to my two current favourite specialties (surgery and emergency), but I feel like I let my preconceptions affect my psych term negatively so I'm trying to keep my mind as open as possible. I'm also starting to get more anxious about my final exams in September, when they will have one last chance to stop me from becoming a doctor...

Click these
  • Rae on social media aspirational envy. Interestingly, we both came to the conclusion that we don't get it as bad with the blogs we read.
  • Some beautiful snapshots of London by Katie. Can I go there again soon please?
  • Kate put together an interesting post on Prague vs. Budapest. Budapest sounds so sick, I'm definitely going to try and focus on the more eastern countries and go there the next time I'm in Europe.
  • Nina on eating out alone. I find eating alone is one of the most stressful parts of travelling solo, actually. Currently I'm okay with most eating alone situations except for dinner in table-service restaurant.
  • An old-ish article that I came across while trying to research UNIQLO's ethics. It talks about how UNIQLO has escaped being described as "fast fashion" despite having a similar business model (and possibly dodgy labour practices) to comparable fast fashion stores. The conclusion was, and I guess I agree, that the styles they come out with aren't as trend-driven and don't encourage over-buying.
  • All the same, I'd like to start looking at other alternatives before heading into UNIQLO (even though they always seem to have what I want). Project Just is a site that does detailed profiles (and nice summaries) of the ethics of different brands - might be a good place to double check when thinking of buying something from a particular store (there aren't that many on there yet though).
A year ago on Deluminators
  • I can't believe it's been a year since I did my rural term up in northern NSW. Throwback to when I did a day trip to Byron Bay.
  • Vivid is almost here again! I love it because it marks the start of winter, my favourite season here, and it's so fun to walk around in the crisp night air while the city sparkles (and trying to dodge families with prams).
I'm currently typing this up as I watch the Eurovision final re-run. Yes, Australians love Eurovision, which is why we've competed in it twice, despite being as far away from Europe as is possible. I try, and fail, to avoid spoilers every year, but it never makes it less fun to watch.

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