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May 25, 2016

Porto i

Portugal photos from January continued.

Porto was the one other city I was able to name in Portugal when we were planning our trip. It's so picturesque, a photographer's dream, but less lively than Lisbon (expected, as it is a smaller city). It's a great place to explore on foot, but also very hilly.

The Ribeira district is built into the cliffs on the north bank of the Douro river. You have to walk down several staircases, or take a funicular, to get down bankside.

A bifana, a Portuguese snack with pork with spicy sauce in bread.

We walked along to the river for a while, saw an interesting staircase, and hiked up it. Looking at our map, we realised we'd almost walked all the way to the gardens of Palácio de Cristal, where there was a nice view over the river.

We walked back where we came from.

Crossed the bridge.

The other side of the river is technically the city of Vila Nova de Gaia, and along the river are all the port cellars.

We hiked up to Taylor's which had been recommended to us, and did a tour and port tasting. Many of the names of the brands have English names, as the English were very involved in port trade in the 1700s after they stopped being able to get French wine because of the war.

They have a terrace with a nice view. As a rule, the older port houses are the ones higher on the hill.

Watching the sun set on the houses of Ribeira.

Chicken for dinner.

The next day, we visited Livraria Lello. This bookstore is a tourist attraction because JK Rowling apparently came here often when she lived in Porto, and drew inspiration from it.

It was absolutely crammed with tourists, so understandably they charge an admission fee that you can get back after you buy a book.

Continued tomorrow!

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