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May 4, 2016

Sell-off, take two

Last year I did a wardrobe clear out and unsuccessfully tried to sell some clothes at Glebe Markets. I thought I was pretty brutal with the cull, but being away from most of my wardrobe last summer made me realise

  • That I can live through all possible climates with 12 items of clothing (okay I'd probably like to add my workout gear and a dress to that).
  • That said, there were quite a few things that I missed while I was away.
  • There are also clothes I didn't think about at all during that time, currently taking up half the space in my wardrobe. That stuff has gotta go. Just looking at that picture above - I only regularly wear half those shirts - is stressing me out.
I still want to squeeze out as many remaining cents as I can, so I've started selling things through one of those selling apps (Carousell). I'd never heard of it before, but my friend mentioned she'd had quite a bit of success with it. I've managed to make a few sales already - I hadn't realised it was so widely used here! Obviously I'm selling at a loss, but at least I'm getting something back. It's low pressure too, since it's free to list and you can have things up there indefinitely. It's set up with social media elements (likes and follows) so it's more a place people go to casually browse and buy, rather than search for specific items, which has been helpful to me since nothing I list is particularly special brand-wise.

At the same time, I need to set some rules for myself or the stuff will just be on both the app and in my closet forever. So I'm going to give items I've listed for under $10 three months to sell before I donate/give them away, and the other items six months. I was also discussing with another friend about challenging myself to only buy clothes with the money I make from selling clothes, but I'm too chicken to commit to that.

Anyone else try to sell their old clothes - or just not bother and donate?

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