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May 1, 2016

Touch of gold

I have this serious problem where once in a while I'll feel this need to cut my own hair. I know. It never ever ever ever works out well, I'll do it and regret it, and then a few months down the track it starts sounding like a good idea again. Anyway this time it turned out particularly badly, so I'm going to have to wear my hair back until it grows long enough for a proper cut. To make this more bearable, I picked up some hair accessories from H&M.

Ponytail cuff, which I hadn't realised I was wearing upside down - but let's be real, it's going to look like this most of the time. I barely have time in the morning to wrestle my ponytail into it, let alone make sure it's correctly aligned.

Bobby pins (don't worry there were more in the pack).

I picked up everything in gold because it matches the hardware on most of my bags/watches, and also cause it's pretty. I'm pretty sure the elastic attached to the cuff will break sooner or later, but I reckon it'll still work to fit over a regular hair elastic.

If my hair doesn't grow fast enough, I can see myself amassing a collection of hair decorations...

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