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June 7, 2016

3x2: jacket weather

Yes! It's finally cold enough for coats. These are all my casual outfits (I haven't been able to get out of bed early enough on placement days to be able to snap a photo before heading out the door).

  • Big W trench coat (will I ever stop with the disclaimer that my mum bought this, because I don't shop at Big W? Probably not) / ? top / Cotton On pants / Saltwater sandals for study group a few weeks ago; I think sandal weather is now over for this year.
  • Uniqlo parka / Uniqlo sweatshirt / Just Jeans jeans / Bass saddle shoes for another study day.
  • Zara coat / Uniqlo t-shirt / Uniqlo jeans / Bass saddle shoes for Vivid. I have to admit, I jumped the gun with the wool coat and was a bit overheated all night.
  • The Trench That Shall Not Be Named / Uniqlo top / Jeans West jeans / Bass loafers for a talk at uni.
  • Uniqlo parka / Uniqlo shirt / Mango pants / Dune boots for lectures and a clinical exam at uni. It was chilly but really humid, so I ended up having to just carry my parka around all day cause I was so sweaty, while staring at everyone wearing wool coats in amazement at how un-sweaty they were.
  • Uniqlo parka / Muji dress/ Dune boots for a study day during a storm. If it's inevitable that my legs are going to get wet, I want them to dry quickly, hence the dress and tights. Unfortunately I didn't factor in the crack in the sole of my boot which defeated this planning.

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