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June 23, 2016

If cities were people

Copenhagen. A really tall girl wearing a black wool coat, Acne felt scarf, and Stan Smiths.

Paris. Beautiful and elegant, but I always feel kind of self-conscious around her, because she's definitely judging me.

Barcelona. That person everyone thinks is really awesome but you're sceptical of, til you get to know them and you realise they're alright.

Rio. The really attractive guy who's being really nice to me and I'm like, why are you acknowledging my existence, is this a prank?

New York. You have to be sure of yourself before you try to be friends.

London. The friend I don't catch up with regularly, but there are no awkward silences when we do.

Melbourne. The close friend of a close friend who for some reason I still don't know very well.

Shanghai. Like my parents, we'll never really understand each other, but they still feel like home.

Sydney. The best friend (a tier, not a person), always up to hang out, your devices automatically connect to the WiFi at their house (and you know exactly where the toilets are too), who you sometimes hate but always come crawling back to anyway because at they're part of your identity now.

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