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July 17, 2016

A mixed bag

My bags haven't really had a look in on here since I started doing the outfit round-up format! So this post is for showing them a little love. (And no, they are not usually this artfully arranged on the coat stand.)

Canvas tote. Probably my most used bag - I like how a canvas bag dresses down an outfit. I got it from a natural history themed store in NYC back in 2012 because I liked the skull (it's the residual emo kid in me). I never take it travelling though, I prefer to have a bag which I can zip up, to keep my things safer.

Small cross body. I use this to keep bits and bobs when I'm on the wards. I did a what's in my bag post with it last year. I guess I'll use it at work until I'm senior enough to get a med student to hold my things, ha ha. I rarely use this as a main bag on casual outings because I generally carry more stuff (e.g. my camera).

Handbag. Or, what I like to call, my grown-up bag. This is a cheap one I bought in Madrid. I only use it on the rare occasion that I need something more formal looking than my tote or backpack, and also as a carry-on bag on planes/secondary day-to-day bag for travel.

Backpack. Kankens are the best backpacks ever! I've been using this for almost five years now, and it's still going strong. I've never owned another backpack that's lasted this long. Waterproof, roomy, surprisingly comfortable despite the thin straps. I would definitely buy another if it breaks down, but I don't think it will for a while (I've probably jinxed it now though).

Are you a fellow carry-everything-in-a-big-bag person, or have you managed to enchant a little bag (à la Hermione) so that it fits everything you need?

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