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July 21, 2016

Behind the scenes

Still mostly foodventures.

I don't usually buy (what I like to call) candy drinks (apart from when Starbucks does peppermint mochas around Christmas), but I had this wild craving for bubble tea the other day. Except I don't really get the classic pearl milk tea - my go to is grapefruit black tea, no sugar, with aloe vera pieces (usually no ice either but I forgot).

Caught up with a friend in Newtown. We had lunch at Green Gourmet, which is a vegan Chinese place that does a lunch buffet by weight and is pretty cheap. We then went for dessert at Pie Tin, where I haven't been for ages.

Went to have overpriced German sausages and mulled wine at Winter Festival.

Pizza Autentico, a small restaurant tucked into a small lane off Oxford St, for all you can eat pizza and pasta. It's not the usual buffet setup where you self-serve food other people have already breathed on (I also love that), but more like Brazilian BBQ where they bring around pasta and pizza for you to accept. Needless to say, I ate myself sick.

Accidentally matching outfits at hospital.

Salt Meats Cheese, another Italian restaurant in Glebe where we went because they do that pasta-tossed-in-a-cheese-wheel thing. We ordered a bunch of things to share, including pizza and pasta, and it was all really good. We're already hatching plans to go back.

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