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July 2, 2016

Burgers, desserts, and everything in between

My friends and I have an inability to meet up for "coffee" or "drinks". If we're hanging out, it's going to be at least three courses at three different places. Here's another food round up.

Was this a picnic? Nope, it was study group. I probably absorb more food and gossip than knowledge at these...

Burger from Burger Co. by Kingston. It was a really, really good burger, I was surprised. I've been back and they do good waffle fries too. It's on the rooftop in Hurstville though, and there's no real reason to go to Hurstville unless you live nearby.

Okay burgers at Coco Cubano.

Desserts at Movenpick. The apple strudel was okay, chocolate souffle was more like a dodgy mug cake though.

A better chocolate lava cake at Cloud 9 Chocolate Cafe in Newtown.

Roti and fried chicken at Mamak. The roti is so addictive.

In the mood for two starters rather than one main when we went for Thai food.

Pasta at Vapiano. So good!

A double cheeseburger at Devon Cafe. It was all right. The fries and mayo were really good.

Finally visited Koi, the dessert bar by the Masterchef guy. This was almost too pretty to eat, it had strawberry mousse and lychee filling. Although I always feel that tiny fancy desserts just aren't as satisfying as, say, half a litre of Messina.

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