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July 24, 2016

Christmas in July

On Saturday night, YY and her housemate threw a Christmas in July party at their place. I'd never actually been to a Christmas in July party before, but apparently it's a thing. I guess we do it in Australia so we can experience the cold-weather Christmas cheer, not sure if you guys in the Northern Hemisphere do it as well!

I was bitter that I could only get a sip of the mulled wine as designated driver.

You always turn up early to a YY party to eat the food. At her last party, she actually had to tell me to stop eating the arancini balls because apparently there weren't going to be any left for everyone else...

Our fabulous hostess with her fabulous Christmas jumper and the actual Christmas tree they had put up.

Wai Lam and one of the marshmallow reindeer.

Cornflake Christmas wreaths, which I think YY mentioned were stuck together with a marshmallow concoction.

They might as well just leave the tree up for the rest of the year now.

Not having any Christmas related clothing myself, I had to make do with some red and a Santa finger-puppet safety pinned to this cardigan.

We had to leave early because I had work the next morning, but given we'd sat there eating for a good three hours we definitely didn't need a Maccas stop on the way home.

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