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August 25, 2016

3x2: winter blues

All last week was sunny and go-without-a-jacket during the day, so I thought winter was on its way out; it's having one last say with the cold front this week, though. Not that I really want it to leave. It'll be fun to wear dresses and shorts for maybe a week, then I'll be starting my complaints about being too hot and sweaty.

  • Old Navy shirt / Jeans West jeans / Bass loafers for errands at the shopping centre.
  • Zara coat / Uniqlo shirt / Mango pants / Bass loafers for hospital.
  • Uniqlo sweatshirt / Mango pants / Bass saddle shoes for hospital. I need to wear my saddle shoes more often, I love them so much but for some reason I've been having trouble pairing them with outfits lately.
  • Zara coat / Muji dress / Dune boots for study group then dinner.
  • My mum's trench coat / H&M t-shirt / Uniqlo jeans / Dune boots for dinner. The t-shirt is definitely not getting as much wear as I planned. Probably my regret buy for the year.
  • Uniqlo shirt / Just Jeans jeans / Dune boots / Daniel Wellington watch* for dinner. Finally have a bra that kind of matches my skin tone and is less obvious under this silk shirt, which is basically sheer.

August 23, 2016

Old haunts and new discoveries

I've been trying to take my camera out and about with me more often, but all I really do in my leisure time is eat, so here are some unusually high quality shots of food I've eaten lately.

Pasta at Vapiano. I branched out and got something other than crema di funghi, the chicken pesto, which was good. But not as good as my favourite.

Grill'd burgers. Advertised as healthy burgers, and they definitely taste it. I felt like I was eating Subway. Let's be real, not what I really want when I want a burger.

Waffles at Choc Pot. They're really good, almost airy, not heavy and store-bought-tasting like other places. Better than it looks in this photograph.

YY's truffle pizza at Fratelli Fresh. I'd ordered the margherita and was left with serious food envy.

Ma La Tang at the Dixon House food court. You grab a bowl and a pair of tongs, get in line and self-serve your choice of noodles, vegetables and other things like fish cakes and tofu, give it to the cashier who charges you by weight and takes it to the back to have it cooked in spicy soup. It's pretty good, although I'm not too adventurous with toppings.

I'm not sure why we never go to Caffe Tiamo for our late night dessert/post-dinner snack hit. They have everything. Dessert.Cocktails. Haloumi fries. Free wifi. We'll be back.

August 18, 2016

At LFB: it's okay not to travel

I'm sure a lot of you guys read Rae's blog, Love From Berlin, and would have already seen this pop up in your feeds. If not, I've written a guest post for LFB's Travel Wednesdays - check it out here!

August 16, 2016

Still here, click these

I'm still alive and kicking, in case anyone was wondering. I'm currently in this black hole of trying to study for my final (ever) med school exams next month, while battling the double-headed procrastination/distraction monster. Currently losing, as there is a lot of online window shopping and Olympics watching going on. Don't be deceived by the seemingly blank pages in my diary - my actual to-do lists are scattered around my workspace on bits of paper and it's too depressing to reproduce them again. I actually have to-do lists of to-do lists. I'm also trying to sort out my summer trip in December, which is a more enjoyable time suck. The (yet to be solidified) plan for this year is Cuba, a bit of Mexico, a bit of Guatemala, and then up to NYC. It'll be my last ever big summer holiday so might as well see out my uni days with a bang!

Click these
  • I came across this project by Wendy Fox, an artist who's illustrating the different body types of female gold medallists from the Olympics. I love the idea. These athletes aren't training to make their bodies fit societal beauty ideals; they train to go the top of their field. I think it's important to encourage women and girls to think about what our bodies can do, rather than what our bodies look like.
  • Fu Yuanhui is probably my favourite swimmer from these Olympics. Not only does she have hilarious post-race interviews, she broke a taboo by mentioning that she was menstruating on the day of the relay. And you guys know I'm all for talking about periods.
  • This also led me to this interesting article about how elite athletes deal with having periods, and the lack of research surrounding the topic, if you're interested.
  • This beautiful post about Rio by Nina. I'm wishing I also had a reason to visit often!
  • Saskia on surviving the night shift - something I'm dreading about next year.

August 2, 2016

Day off & click these

After having diligently gone into hospital every day for the last three weeks, I decided I would take a day off today (using the opportunity to slack off while I'm still a student). I woke up before my alarm and it was nice to be able to lie in bed for another half an hour. I studied in bed until lunchtime (such luxury), went to the mall to eat, and then studied a bit more with a coffee.

Click these