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August 25, 2016

3x2: winter blues

All last week was sunny and go-without-a-jacket during the day, so I thought winter was on its way out; it's having one last say with the cold front this week, though. Not that I really want it to leave. It'll be fun to wear dresses and shorts for maybe a week, then I'll be starting my complaints about being too hot and sweaty.

  • Old Navy shirt / Jeans West jeans / Bass loafers for errands at the shopping centre.
  • Zara coat / Uniqlo shirt / Mango pants / Bass loafers for hospital.
  • Uniqlo sweatshirt / Mango pants / Bass saddle shoes for hospital. I need to wear my saddle shoes more often, I love them so much but for some reason I've been having trouble pairing them with outfits lately.
  • Zara coat / Muji dress / Dune boots for study group then dinner.
  • My mum's trench coat / H&M t-shirt / Uniqlo jeans / Dune boots for dinner. The t-shirt is definitely not getting as much wear as I planned. Probably my regret buy for the year.
  • Uniqlo shirt / Just Jeans jeans / Dune boots / Daniel Wellington watch* for dinner. Finally have a bra that kind of matches my skin tone and is less obvious under this silk shirt, which is basically sheer.

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