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August 16, 2016

Still here, click these

I'm still alive and kicking, in case anyone was wondering. I'm currently in this black hole of trying to study for my final (ever) med school exams next month, while battling the double-headed procrastination/distraction monster. Currently losing, as there is a lot of online window shopping and Olympics watching going on. Don't be deceived by the seemingly blank pages in my diary - my actual to-do lists are scattered around my workspace on bits of paper and it's too depressing to reproduce them again. I actually have to-do lists of to-do lists. I'm also trying to sort out my summer trip in December, which is a more enjoyable time suck. The (yet to be solidified) plan for this year is Cuba, a bit of Mexico, a bit of Guatemala, and then up to NYC. It'll be my last ever big summer holiday so might as well see out my uni days with a bang!

Click these
  • I came across this project by Wendy Fox, an artist who's illustrating the different body types of female gold medallists from the Olympics. I love the idea. These athletes aren't training to make their bodies fit societal beauty ideals; they train to go the top of their field. I think it's important to encourage women and girls to think about what our bodies can do, rather than what our bodies look like.
  • Fu Yuanhui is probably my favourite swimmer from these Olympics. Not only does she have hilarious post-race interviews, she broke a taboo by mentioning that she was menstruating on the day of the relay. And you guys know I'm all for talking about periods.
  • This also led me to this interesting article about how elite athletes deal with having periods, and the lack of research surrounding the topic, if you're interested.
  • This beautiful post about Rio by Nina. I'm wishing I also had a reason to visit often!
  • Saskia on surviving the night shift - something I'm dreading about next year.

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