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September 29, 2016


Last night, I made Jenny and Wai Lam come with me to Barangaroo for Belles Hot Chicken, which I'd been wanting to try for a while.

I think it was a pop-up until recently, now it's a permanent sit-down restaurant.

This area kind of reminds me of part of London's South Bank.

The chicken. I chose the Hot level of spicyness, which isn't even the highest, but it was pretty damn hot. Unfortunately the chicken and fries were also overly salty, which didn't make it an enjoyable kind of hot. Hot Star still reigns as my favourite fried chicken!

Went round the corner afterwards for some gelato to cool the fire.

Darling Harbour just down that way.

I was totally up for making the most of my new freedom, but these two had work the next morning (like they're adults now or something) so we just left after that.

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