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September 28, 2016

Made it out alive

Apparently this is the face of a person who's finished her last ever exams of med school! Gosh, I'd forgotten that part of the reason why I started doing headless outfit shots was because my face is so hard to control.

Today's exam was kind of an interview (to convince them that we've learned stuff in the last six years), a bit more formal than the other clinical exams. I don't own a blazer, and I didn't want to buy a not-perfect one out of desperation, so I emergency-borrowed one from a friend (thanks Jenny). I felt so fancy and professional. I'm on the lookout for a blazer of my own now.

Speaking of clothes... my graduation ball is less than 3 weeks away and I don't have a dress. I borderline dislike formal wear and I also hate the idea of buying a dress that I'll only wear on special occasions (since I never go to any), so my search for a formal-appropriate-yet-able-to-be-worn-casually dress that I like has been fruitless. I do have more time to spend looking now, but worst comes to worst there's a dress I already have that might work, although it's not really my style anymore and I might feel a little awkward in it. I'm going to hit some shops tomorrow and see if I have any luck.

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