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October 30, 2016


Muji dress / Dune boots / random tights from Ebay.

Happy Halloween! I'm not going to any Halloween-specific events so no costumes for me, but it's the only appropriate time of year to wear these tights. I bought them years ago and they aren't quite my style anymore, but given the time of year I wore these to dinner with friends last night. I ended up having to keep pulling the knees up over my knees throughout the night. Anyone got good costumes planned for this year?

October 27, 2016

Spring blues

This is supposed to be my almost-annual Night Noodle Markets post, except I can't really call it that because we didn't spend much time or eat a lot there! It's just generally expensive and overhyped, the lines to the popular stalls are all really long.

The light at just the right angle.

The only thing I had from the market - a cup of Pimms, which was weirdly warm despite the ice cubes? YY's was cold, so I don't know what was up with that.

We ended up decamping to Caffe Tiamo for more food. Nachos and haloumi fries, anyone?

The word blues in the title is because all my photos came out blue toned, not because I've been down. Spring has been good! I'm back on the wards at hospital, and now I don't have exams hanging over my head I'm happy to spend more time there than so I can learn all the jobs that will be mine in just a few more months. It's kind of weird not having to study any more, I don't even know what to do with myself. Hopefully this idleness translates into blog productivity, I feel like I've slacked off here for the last few months.

October 25, 2016


Uniqlo sweatshirt and shirt / Jeans West jeans / Saltwater Sandals / Daniel Wellington watch*.

This outfit was only from the other day, but for some reason I feel very 2012 in it, with the collar poking over a jumper. I still like that look, but none of my button downs felt comfortable under any of my jumpers until I tried this silk shirt under the sweatshirt. I know there's the trick of wearing a cami or bra on top of the shirt to hold it down, but that's too much fuss in case I want to whip the jumper off - although I try not to do that, as I've mentioned before (I can't believe that post is more than two years old now, I feel like the quality of my outfit posts has actually declined).

P.S. You can use the code DELUMINATORS for 15% off on the Daniel Wellington site.

October 23, 2016

Bay of Fires

The last of the Tasmania posts.

The Bay of Fires is a famous scenic area with white sand beaches and more orange lichen-covered rocks. We spent the morning exploring it, before driving to Launceston in the afternoon for our final night.

October 19, 2016

Wineglass Bay

Continuing the Tasmania posts from the quick trip two weeks ago.

October 16, 2016

Getting formal

So my graduation ball was last night, and this is what I ended up wearing. Disclaimer that I actually shot these this morning, because the photos I got a friend to help me take beforehand ended up a bit blurry (thanks anyway Jenny). Which is also why they're headless, because it would have just been my morning-after-a-party face.

Grana silk shell / Grana silk pants / Bass loafers.

I mentioned earlier that I'd been having trouble working out what to wear to the ball. I'd been thinking about buying a black dress I could wear again to various other formal-ish situations, but the only kinds of dresses I like are very casual ones. I then considered a jumpsuit as Nina suggested, but despaired of being able to find one that would actually fit properly all over. Then Meg's comment about passing off a top and skirt as a dress reminded me of Grana's matching silk separates, which I finally settled on. One of the main reasons I liked this idea was that I would be able to mix and match the top and pants into the rest of my wardrobe, so I would get more uses out of the set than I would a formal dress. I ended up going with navy because it looks more dressy than black (which I felt was more of a hip store assistant kind of look).

A note on the sizing, because reading other people's reviews really helped. I usually wear M or L in tops and got the silk shell in the M. It fits perfectly, definitely more on the M side. It's a boxy fit which I like, and hits right at the top of my hipbones which is the perfect length on me, but may a little short on anyone taller (I'm 5'3"). For pants I usually wear an S, but I initially ordered them in M based on the measurements. They turned out to be too roomy, so I ordered the S which fit perfectly. So just order your usual size! They have three different pant lengths too (thank you), and I got the shortest. In terms of service, ordering at Grana is generally painless; they have detailed measurements of each individual piece on their site and their shipping/returns fees to/from Australia are actually amazing in comparison to other international stores.

Fossil bag / Daniel Wellington watch and cuff*.

As for the accessories, these will be familiar. I'm so not into heels. I did order a pair of low block heeled sandals in an attempt to look more dressed up, but the bottom of the shoe was literally half the width of my sole so I sent them back and decided to just stick with comfort. The bag is my every day hospital bag which I took the strap off of and carried as a clutch. I don't wear or own much jewellery, so I went with my new Daniel Wellington black classic watch and the cuff to accessorise (by the way, you can use the code DELUMINATORS for 15% off on the site).

Anyway, it all worked out well! I didn't feel too casual or out of place and I was really comfortable all night. I did feel some pangs of envy over other people's beautiful long dresses but I think this will give me more long-term satisfaction. This was more about the outfit than anything ball-related so an actual post about that might come when I've gathered the photos.

October 13, 2016

Hobart ii

Part i here.

On the second day, I hopped on the ferry to the Museum of Old and New Art. MONA is a relatively new museum but I'd heard a lot about it. You can drive, take the bus, or catch the MONA ferry, and I'd figure I'd go for the last option for the chance to see more scenery.

October 12, 2016

Hobart i

Last week, two friends and I took a trip to Tasmania, the southernmost state of Australia, which is also an island. The state capital is Hobart. It's the smallest state capital in Australia, but the oldest city after Sydney. We spent two days there, but I didn't expect to be making two posts on it. There isn't that much to do, exactly, but it's so picturesque. Here's what I mean.

October 9, 2016

3x2: reflections

I haven't really felt like pulling out the tripod for outfit photos lately, but here are a couple of shots, mostly from clothing store fitting rooms (as you can see I'm in Uniqlo a lot). I haven't bought anything lately aside from something for grad ball that I ordered online which I may need in a different size (I have five business days to sort this out).

  • Uniqlo jacket / Zara top / Uniqlo jeans / Dune boots for what was possibly Fashion's Night Out.
  • Tommy Hilfiger shirt / Mango pants / Dune boots for my clinical skills exam.
  • A friend's blazer / Uniqlo shirt / Mango pants / Bass loafers for my last exam.
  • Uniqlo t-shirt / Mango pants / Bass shoes for BEAMS festival.
  • Uniqlo t-shirt / Glassons pants / Saltwater sandals for shopping.
  • Jack and Jones cardigan / Uniqlo shirt / Uniqlo jeans / Bass loafers for shopping.
So I'm back from Tasmania, which was great, so be prepared for those posts coming up!

October 6, 2016


For some reason, I have a morbid fascination with cemeteries and related objects. So HIDDEN, a sculpture exhibit at Rookwood cemetery, is right up my alley. Rookwood is Sydney's main cemetery, and also the largest necropolis in the southern hemisphere - a suburb in itself. If you remember, a few months ago I posted about a Biennale exhibition at Mortuary Station - Rookwood is the cemetery that was on the receiving end of the old rail line.

October 4, 2016

Black Classic

You guys know I love my Daniel Wellington watch, I wear it all the time. It's just so good looking and it's held up so well for the past few years, so when DW offered to send me a watch from their new collection I was like, yes please!

Introducing the Classic, in black. They also surprised me with a Classic Cuff, in rose gold to match the watches.

The family. I actually chose the Black Classic on the Durham leather strap, as I didn't have a tan watch strap. It's the same size as the original Classic, so all the straps with that one can be interchanged with it as well.

I'm excited to see how the Durham strap will age. I think it looks really nice with the rose gold on the watch face, but I think I prefer the black watch face with my old black Sheffield strap a tiny bit more. I've noticed people styling their cuffs with their watches, but I fancy wearing it alone as well!

If you want to get your hands on the Black Classic before everyone else, you can get access to the pre-sale with the code DELUMINATORS. This will give you 15% off on everything else on the site as well. Check it out here.

Note: Watches c/o Daniel Wellington, all opinions my own. No financial compensation or sales commission will be received.

October 3, 2016

Hello summer

Welcomed the first properly hot day of the season with a BBQ at YY's. Possibly the healthiest one I've ever been to, seeing as she's vegetarian and we mostly barbecued vegetables. Vegetarian sausages are way better tasting than I expected, too. I drank cider til I was sleepy and napped in the sunshine on the grass for a while, before getting up to continue to eat the evening away.

Just as the weather starts heating up, I'm heading down to a colder Tasmania for a few days this coming week for a road trip up the east coast. We only booked it last week, very short notice, but we wanted to celebrate the end of exams. I've scheduled some posts in the meanwhile, and look forward to the many photos I expect to take while I'm there!