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October 9, 2016

3x2: reflections

I haven't really felt like pulling out the tripod for outfit photos lately, but here are a couple of shots, mostly from clothing store fitting rooms (as you can see I'm in Uniqlo a lot). I haven't bought anything lately aside from something for grad ball that I ordered online which I may need in a different size (I have five business days to sort this out).

  • Uniqlo jacket / Zara top / Uniqlo jeans / Dune boots for what was possibly Fashion's Night Out.
  • Tommy Hilfiger shirt / Mango pants / Dune boots for my clinical skills exam.
  • A friend's blazer / Uniqlo shirt / Mango pants / Bass loafers for my last exam.
  • Uniqlo t-shirt / Mango pants / Bass shoes for BEAMS festival.
  • Uniqlo t-shirt / Glassons pants / Saltwater sandals for shopping.
  • Jack and Jones cardigan / Uniqlo shirt / Uniqlo jeans / Bass loafers for shopping.
So I'm back from Tasmania, which was great, so be prepared for those posts coming up!

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