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October 6, 2016


For some reason, I have a morbid fascination with cemeteries and related objects. So HIDDEN, a sculpture exhibit at Rookwood cemetery, is right up my alley. Rookwood is Sydney's main cemetery, and also the largest necropolis in the southern hemisphere - a suburb in itself. If you remember, a few months ago I posted about a Biennale exhibition at Mortuary Station - Rookwood is the cemetery that was on the receiving end of the old rail line.

The exhibition was literally scattered amongst the gravestones in an older section of the cemetery. So the following photos are a mix of the sculptures and also general cemetery scenes, I would assume it's easy to tell which is which...

This one was called "Guardians of Rookwood" and had these dog sculptures waiting amongst the graves, which was really sweet and sad.

I loved this one - called "Twist of Fate (Widow-maker)".

The path was marked out by these orange markers, which took me a while to realise.

I loved this one, you kind of come across it from the side and it takes you a second to realise they're letters.

This one was a skull, titled "Expiry Date", and the instructions were to use the pens provided to "write your own expiry date". The pens were dried out when I was there, but I note that Lana the 11 year old sounds like Dracula.

"Speak with Dead".

"The End of the Conversation". This was really interesting, it looked different as you approached from different angles. Almost surreal.

As I drove out of the cemetery, I went past what looked like a super old section, so pulled over to check it out. 1872! I know that's not that long ago in the scheme of things, but I find it so interesting to think of how gravestones last longer than the lives they mark.

Snapped a few more shots until I felt too self-conscious about all the cars driving past and probably wondering what the heck I was doing. I'm wishing I'd gone up to investigate that building, though.

I would totally recommend visiting before this finishes on October 23. It's like a dark Sculpture by the Sea but way less crowded - I was there between 9 and 11am on a sunny Saturday morning and there weren't many people at all. Driving is probably the best way to get there, but there's lots of parking. Rookwood is massive so it might be worth taking a glance at the map beforehand (most of the main roads in there are marked on Google maps though).

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