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November 10, 2016

All over the place

Just a good old couple-of-snaps-from-yesterday kind of post!

In the morning, we had a critical care simulation skills session and I took the rest of the afternoon off.

I took the train to the city and had lunch. I'm addicted to the burritos from GYG.

Then went to check out the White Rabbit Gallery, which is just behind Central Park. I'd been meaning to visit since I saw the Hanging Bodies piece from the outside during BEAMS fest. The gallery is focused on contemporary Chinese art and I'd recommend it, it's really good.

Went to browse the shops (gift-hunting) with a Starbucks break (I hate that I love their Christmas drinks). I read my book while concurrently keeping an eye on the US election results. I think a lot of other people there were also watching the horror unfold.

Met up with YY and Wai Lam in the evening. We meant to go to this grad exhibit, but we went to the wrong place twice and ended up traipsing all over Kings Cross and Darlinghurst in the pouring rain. I was wearing comfortable and (relatively) waterproof shoes so I found it hilarious; the others not so much. We ended up giving up and going to dinner.

We ate at NaruOne, which is a Korean place. It's cosily decorated and their barbecue exhaust things are a trendy copper, but their fried chicken wasn't that great.

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