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November 13, 2016

Getting formal (again)

Grana silk shell and pants / Daniel Wellington watch and cuff* / Saltwater sandals.

There was another opportunity to dress up last Friday for our clinical school grad dinner, so the silk two-piece I wore to grad ball came out to play again. I'd actually been planning on wearing my white silk blouse, collar open, with these pants, but I had a mishap at the beach the other week (sunburn) and my chest is in no condition to be exposed (bright pink, skin peeling). The dress code was cocktail, and I think the more casual dresses I own (like this one but without those tights) could have worked. But I liked the idea of subverting the expectation that women should a) wear dresses to look formal and b) continually come up with new outfits even though men are allowed to wear the same thing over and over again. I did step down my accessories since it was technically a more casual occasion than the ball. Anyway, despite it being almost the exact same outfit I thought it'd be nice to have some photos of it with my head attached (sunny afternoon lighting is the worst though)!

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