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November 6, 2016

Post-exam life outtakes

All the miscellaneous photos from the last few weeks on my phone - mostly food, as usual.

Grabbing lunch after my second exam. I've tried the beef burger from Mary's before which was okay, but the chicken is amazing. It's a bit pricey though.

Sat and ate in Hyde Park, so I checked out the Australian Life photos they had exhibited there.

Celebrated after our third exam with tapas and sangria at Barrafina. Would recommend!

Then finally celebrating fourth and last exam with lunch at Haven, which is a cafe with Asian-fusion food.

A lunch catch-up at Badde Manors, a vegetarian cafe in Glebe. I went for pasta, but was really envious of my friend's Penang curry pie.

The food at gradball, which was average.

Pizza at Fratelli Famous in World Square. It's a Fratelli spinoff where you pick your own (unlimited) toppings for your pizza. I went with margherita but added mushrooms, it was really good and possibly now one of my top pizzas in Sydney.

Went for a hot chocolate post-pizza.

When I went to Sculpture by the Sea and it was too breezy to sunbathe.

Catching up over $10 burger Mondays at Barrio Cellar. I went with a fish burger because I love the fish tacos there, and it was really good. Also love the fries and agave ginger cider they have.

Pan fried pork buns (one of my favourite foods) at New Shanghai. These are better, but pricier, than Taste of Shanghai.

Waffles at The Choc Pot. They do better waffles than other places but we were already absolutely stuffed.

Pasta-tossed-in-a-cheese-wheel at the very popular Buffalo Dining Club. It was nice, but I prefer my pasta saucier.

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