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December 13, 2016


I'm finally finishing off the posts about last summer's trip! These photos are when we visited Copenhagen in January this year. Copenhagen is a seriously cool city, everyone's really well dressed and there are a lot of hip restaurants and bars around. Unfortunately, it's also a really expensive one. A coffee was about $8AUD, and we paid about $16AUD for ordinary Thai takeout. And for some reason, our hostel didn't have a kitchen to make our own food. Being about two months into my trip, I was really feeling the expense, and we both felt like the city may have been better experienced if we had more money.

The famous row of coloured houses at Nyhavn. Based on tourist brochures, you'd think the entire city looks like this, but it's just a short strip in front of one canal.

Tivoli, which we heard were more or less shut down in the winter, so we skipped going inside.

We went on a walking tour on our first morning.

Sunny, but very very cold.

We walked through a park with lots of sculptures.

The Little Mermaid! She is as small as people say.

The park overall is pretty cool, though, and doesn't get enough credit.

We ate lunch at the food market, which was still pretty expensive.

The next day, we walked over some bridges to Christianshavn.

We went to see Christiania, which is a famous neighbourhood as it's autonomous. It's probably most well known for its cannabis trade along its "Pusher Street", where photos aren't allowed.

It was interesting to walk around.

Afterwards we walked back to the city center and went up the round tower for some views.

I believe these are metro stops under construction, and they've all got street art decorating them.

A hot dog from one of the many stands scattered around. It was quite good!

On our last morning, before we had to catch our flight, we went to the Design Museum.

A really cool exhibition in a mirrored room.

I quite enjoyed it, and it's free entry with a student ID too!

This is a scheduled post, I'm currently overseas. I'll be reading your comments via email but might not be able to reply immediately.

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