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December 15, 2016


Another extremely belated travel post. I visited Stockholm over a weekend in February this year, when I was doing my elective placement in London for the month (I still can't get over how quickly you can fly to other countries in Europe). I was comparing it to Copenhagen the whole time. Stockholm is more fun to wander around as I preferred its architecture, but I felt like Copenhagen had a younger and more fun vibe. However, Stockholm is marginally less expensive and I could actually afford a cup of coffee there.

Started my day with a walking tour of the city centre, as is customary. It was good for orienting myself, but there weren't that many points of particular interest.

Obviously, before leaving London, I'd Googled "best meatballs in Stockholm" and Bakfickan came up as a strong contender. These were amazing, IKEA will never be the same again.

I ended up doing a lot of walking in Stockholm, since I was too cheap to pay for the metro.

Went to the Vasa Museum, which is about this old well-presevered ship they brought up. I found it average. Only go if the concept sounds interesting to you.

Then I walked over to Gamla Stan, the old town, which I of coursed enjoyed walking around.

It started snowing, which was pretty but I was underdressed.

Walked around a bit before giving up and going back to the hostel.

Visited the modern art museum the next day.

It's a really good one!

Then I walked through Gamla Stan into Södermalm.

You get some pretty good views of the old town from here.

My second meal of meatballs at Meatballs For The People. While Bakfickan is traditional, this place is more modern and trendy, and they do things like rooster and salmon meatballs. I believe I got the traditional ones though. They were pretty good, but I preferred the ones at Bakfickan.

This area is also the hipster district, so I had a look around the stores.

I also visited the photography museum on the same island. It's open to quite late so a good option for an activity after everything else is closed.

There was a Guy Bordin exhibition which I enjoyed.

Walking back through Gamla Stan.

The morning before my flight, I went to explore the area to the east that I hadn't been to already.

I went to the market to have my third and final meal of meatballs. I managed to spill the berry sauce all over my sleeve. Again, they were delicious, but my favourite remains Bakfickan.

And thus ended my weekend meatball odyssey, I mean, weekend visit to Stockholm.

This is a scheduled post, I'm currently overseas. I'll be reading your comments via email but might not be able to reply immediately.

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