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December 18, 2016

Summer accessories

The bits and pieces that I've been wearing with my summer outfits. Unfortunately, only the sunnies are packed for the trip - none of the others made the cut, so I'm showing them a little love in this post.

  • Sunglasses. They're cheap no-name sunnies I bought from MD Ranking, one of those Asian imported goods stores along George St. I think they're Gentle Monster knockoffs. Despite that, these are actually the best-fitting sunglasses I've ever tried - they actually sit on my nose and not my cheeks. If I were ever to splurge on sunnies I'd definitely want an Asian brand.
  • Daniel Wellington watch*. I have this thing where I need to match leathers, so I'm glad I have a strap which matches my sandals now.
  • Saltwater sandals. I can't believe I used to make myself walk around in boots in hot weather. Despite the fact that they're not work appropriate and not practical enough to take travelling, I don't regret buying these at all because I've been living in them these past few weeks.
  • Evolution tote bag. I bought this on a whim on my last trip to NYC, four years on and it's still going strong! I should probably wash it...
This is a scheduled post. I'm currently overseas and reading your comments via email, but won't be able to reply immediately.

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