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December 7, 2016

Summer in sandals

Some more summer outfits. I've pretty much been living in these sandals - I'm kind of worried that my feet have expanded from all this foot-freedom they're getting, and that my other shoes won't fit anymore...

Uniqlo silk shirt / Glassons shorts / Saltwater sandals. I'm slowly getting less precious about this top and just throwing it on for anything. I've been handwashing it, but it helps that silk can go for a few wears between washes (I'm forever looking for fabrics I don't need to wash, my friends think it's really gross). I loved these shorts last year but for some reason they're not doing it for me anymore... I feel like the waist either needs to be higher or lower, it's at an awkward place. I don't reach for them often enough to hurry for an upgrade, though. Bonus throwback: I introduced both in the same post from 2014.

ASOS t-shirt / Jeans West jeans / Saltwater sandals. I prefer blue jeans over black with tan sandals, so by extension I've also been living in these jeans (when the weather's not too hot). Another throwback, it's the same outfit as this one from last year.

Muji dress / Saltwater sandals. Not a dress I'd attempt to wear on the hottest of days, but it's okay for evenings and milder warm weather. I'm feeling vindicated that I've been wearing this dress enough to have justified its impulse buy (it was my last day in London so I thought I wouldn't be able to go back to get it, but it proceeded to turn up in the Sydney Muji a couple of months later on sale for even cheaper).

While on the topic of clothes, who's seen Fantastic Beasts and is coveting Newt's coat? I've never been into 1920s fashion but I also found myself noticing and liking Tina's clothes, despite Queenie being more glamourous. Colleen Atwood, who designed the costumes, said that Tina's clothes reflect her status as the awkward sister, so that probably explains why I like them...

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