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December 11, 2016

Toiletries in a carry-on

The hardest part about packing for carry-on only was trying to get my toiletries into an acceptable clear resealable bag. What made it even harder was that basic toiletries apparently hard to come by in Cuba, where I would be at the beginning of the trip. After a lot of deliberation and decanting, I whittled my liquids down to these.

General hygiene
3-in-1 bodywash/shampoo/conditioner(purple top). I actually use this everyday, so it's not a huge concession. Deodorant and toothpaste are self-explanatory. I just need enough to last until after Cuba, which is just under two weeks into the trip.

Keeping healthy
Hand sanitiser, sunscreen and insect repellant (pink top). Again, needing these to last until I get back to Mexico.

For the face
My cleanser decanted (blue top), travel-size of my usual Mecca sunscreen, and full sizes of my night moisturiser and Effaclar Duo. I usually also use a retinol cream and a BHA treatment on my face, which I think I can do without for a month. I couldn't manage to squeeze my tube of benzoyl peroxide spot treatment into the bag. I may still go and buy a smaller tube of a spot treatment, as I don't trust my skin to behave. I'm assuming I won't be able to buy these easily until I get to NYC.

For makeup I'm just bringing concealer (in addition to my eyebrow pencil). I really wanted to bring hairspray as well but I felt like that was excessive.

Fingers crossed they let all this through security. If I had to ditch something... it would probably be the body sunscreen. Terrible I know, but I only usually use sunscreen when I sunbathe at the beach and I'm not planning to do that in Cuba. (Don't take my advice, sun protection is important.)

This is a scheduled post. I'm currently overseas and reading your comments via email, but may not be able to reply immediately.

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