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December 22, 2016


Last of the posts from February/March this year. After Oslo, we went up to Tromsø, above the Arctic Circle. Yep, we wanted to see the Northern Lights! It's also a nice town in itself. Even though it gets a lot of tourist traffic, it still felt really regular-people-going-about-their-lives.

We arrived in the morning, and had time to look around town.

View across the river.

So I'm officially the worst blogger ever... to photograph the Northern Lights properly, you need a tripod so you can do a long exposure. I wasn't going to carry my tripod around for three months, but I guess I could've tried harder to look for one to hire in town. Anyway, here's one grainy snap I managed to get. No photo would do it justice anyway, it was actually amazing, like someone was doing watercolour painting in the sky. We waited hours in the cold for this, I even had to pee behind the van, but it was totally worth it.

The next day, we did a tour of the surrounding landscape.

Snow on a beach - such a weird sight!

It was good that we had sun, but I was almost unbearably cold that day.

It was really beautiful, worth doing!

The next day, after Kaalya had left for her flight, I wandered around town and stepped into the art museum.

I also went to the Polar museum, which is about Arctic life and animals and such.

Walked past this - the world's smallest portrait studio!

Crossed the bridge, buffetted like crazy by the wind.

I wanted to see the Arctic Cathedral up close. You can see it in the distance in one of the photos above.

Pretty cool how it looks out onto the town like this.

And that was that! After three and a half months, the next day I left for my flight back to Sydney.

This is a scheduled post, I'm currently overseas. I'll be reading your comments via email but might not be able to reply immediately.

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