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January 30, 2017


More from Cuba! Viñales is a very small town with only one main street, but it's popular with tourists because of the nature-related sights around. It's also where a lot of tobacco (for cigars of course) is grown. Personally, I don't think the nature itself was impressive enough to warrant going out of the way, but it was still interesting to have visited the town nonetheless.

January 28, 2017

I just stayed home all day

Note: I spilled the tea all over myself after I took this photo, which I assume was punishment for being such a blogger cliche.

Whenever I tell someone that I stayed at home on a day off or over the weekend, the general reaction is something along the lines of "oh" in the tone of I'm-so-sorry-that's-your-life. What no one seems to understand is that I live for staying at home. Lying in bed and reading a book with sunlight streaming through the window is my idea of heaven. I could spend several days in a row doing this. And now that I have an actual job, which I have to turn up to and stay at all day, being able to do this something I've started to appreciate more than ever.

Please note that I've been at full time work for one week, mostly comprised of orientation workshops and a public holiday. I'm not sure how being an adult is going to work out for me, guys.

Anyway, that's how I spent my Saturday. Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate!

January 26, 2017

Top to toe

Just some bits and pieces I've picked up lately.

Foot covers from Miniso. I used to wear my loafers on bare feet, as most of the no-show socks I'd tried would slip off while walking. These ones that I came across have the grippy gel lining all around the foot, not just the heel, so they stay put all day. They're so good, I went and bought another two pairs.

New skincare. I usually wait for a Priceline 40% skincare sale when I want to try new products. I've used the Indeed Labs Retinol before and liked it, but I changed my routine and never got around to repurchasing. I'd also been looking for a mattifying moisturiser and the Avène one is well reviewed.

Hair stuff. When I got my haircut last week I allowed my hairdresser a bit too much artistic license, so it's now shorter than I meant it to to be. Not a big deal, it'll grow, but I'd forgotten how hard shorter hair is to keep under control. My hair is prone to looking puffy or helmet-like, so I'm experimenting with some texturising products. I haven't been particularly successful though, so my hair's been in a ponytail most days.

January 24, 2017


Continuing the photos from my December trip. Trinidad was the main city in Cuba I wanted to see after Havana. It started as a colonial town which grew off sugar mills and the slave trade. It's quite small, but I've never been in any city so colourful. It's also my favourite kind of place - walkable, cobblestoned and extremely photogenic. I was also surprised at how touristy it is - the town is actually a UNESCO world heritage site. There is apparently good nightlife in Trinidad too, but I didn't go out.

January 22, 2017

Splitting the set

My parents moved some furniture while I was away, revealing this blank wall across from a window - as if made for outfit pictures. Not sure if I can promise many more though, as I'll probably never be home during daylight hours when I start full time work this week (maybe on weekends?).

ASOS t-shirt / Grana silk pants / Cole Haan loafers / DW watch* which I wore for brunch and also for the purpose of breaking these shoes in (it's going okay, no injuries yet).

As was the original intention, I've been incorporating my silk set (which I bought for gradball last year) into my regular wardrobe. As with all silk, I was a bit cautious at first, but I figure wearing something ten times before somehow damaging it is better than not wearing it at all. While the shell top has been easier to style (it works with pretty much all my trousers and skirts), I'm going to try to wear and wash both items a similar number of times so they age at the same rate. Both are going to be good additions to my summer work wardrobe.

Speaking of my summer work wardrobe, I'm not sure if I have enough hot-weather work appropriate clothing at the moment. The hospital I was placed at for the last two years had lots of parking close by but the one I'm starting at this year doesn't, so I'm going to have to walk a lot more, which is a decidedly sweaty business in the middle of summer. I'm going to try and make the most of my t-shirts (I think I could wear the outfit in this post) until the weather cools (although who knows when that'll be).

January 19, 2017


I did an 8 day group tour through Cuba, and then spent an extra two days in Havana. I would have liked to do it alone but it seemed too difficult to organise while still in Australia, and I didn't fancy turning up in a town alone, not speaking the language, without having a place to stay. This first post is mostly going to feature short stops we made in the first two days before and after Cienfuegos, and following will be posts on Trinidad, Viñales, and of course, Havana.

January 17, 2017

Mexico City

I was in Mexico City for two nights as a sort of stopover before heading into Cuba. Mexico City is huge, both geographically and population-wise. Since I only had one full day, I decided to concentrate on the historic city centre. It was really, really crowded, and definitely had a big city feel. It reminded me of Buenos Aires, but with more people.

January 15, 2017

The not-haul

When I go overseas I usually use the opportunity to shop for things we don't have in Australia (particularly true before Uniqlo opened here). I have come back with sizeable hauls in the past, e.g. my first time in the US. The downside is that a lot of my regret buys have also happened while travelling - most likely because I don't really get the time to "think about it" if I'm somewhere temporarily. This time, I set out a mental shopping list for myself before I left, which definitely helped curb the amount I bought.

I picked out these Cole Haan loafers online before I left Australia. My Bass loafers were due their second re-sole, but there have always been little details about them I didn't like - they're patent, just a tad pinchy in the toes, and they have slippery leather soles which wear out quickly. I decided to cut my losses and replace them. I like that these have rubber soles which should provide better grip on hospital floors (it's hard to walk confidently when you're afraid of stacking it) and also last longer before they need to be re-soled. The leather is quite stiff, but felt a lot softer on the display models, so I assume that will come with wear. They do make my feet (already too big for my body) look hilariously long, but what can you do.

Otherwise, I only bought small things out of necessity - a pair of socks (somehow all the socks I'd packed started shrinking and slipping down my heel which always makes me irrationally angry), facial cleanser as I'd run out, and acne treatment. I did have trouble walking away from some tops while browsing thrift stores in NYC (seriously the thrift stores there are so much better than ours). I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking to my list!

The other things I'd been on the lookout for were a navy/white breton top as a replacement for my current one, a blazer or suit set, and a leather handbag that can fit a laptop/A4 documents. Nothing caught my fancy in these categories, but none are urgent so I'll just sit on those for a while.

January 12, 2017

Back in town

I was welcomed back to Sydney with a near-40C day yesterday, when left the house to catch up with a friend. I was thus forced into shorts, which I wore with my silk shell from Grana (the top half of my formal two-piece, if you remember). The heat made getting gelato from Cow and Moon feel more well-deserved though. Currently I'm trying to edit pictures while fighting off the jet lag, so hopefully I'll have some posts about the trip up soon. Otherwise, thanks for being patient with the queued posts this past month!

January 8, 2017

Swim set

I picked this bikini set up from the Miss Shop section in Myer at the Black Friday sales (since when is this a thing in Australia?) before I left. I'd been on the lookout for a bralette style bikini for my trip, because halter ties always end up chafing the back of my neck after a while. I deviated from my usual black to a pretty blue, and it also has gold hardware which is a nice detail.

I'm pretty fickle with beach swimwear. I bought this beautiful Esther Williams one-piece a few years ago, I love it and the quality's amazing but it's just really annoying logistically (it's hot to wear under your clothes, it takes ages to try, cleaning the sand from it is really hard). So even though theoretically I prefer one-pieces, bikinis are just more practical. Hopefully I can stick with this one for a couple more seasons!

When this post goes up, I'll be in NYC and it will certainly not be bikini weather. This is the last of my scheduled posts; the next one you see from me will be in real time!

This is a scheduled post. I'm currently overseas and reading your comments via email, but won't be able to reply immediately.

January 4, 2017

A bunch of brunches

A couple of brunches I had before I left Sydney. I'm still unsure what brunch is defined as. Is there a timeframe? If you have breakfast beforehand, are you still eating brunch or are you just eating breakfast food for lunch?

An acai bowl at Sadhana Kitchen in Newtown. It's a vegan restaurant and has super healthy sounding food. I haven't had acai before, and it was actually delicious. I'm so late on this bandwagon.

Making brunch at YY's. She did the cooking, I kind of clumsily chopped things up. Sourdough toast, avocado, feta, scrambled eggs, haloumi, hashbrowns, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and vegetarian sausage. It was ridiculous and I think I injured some internal organs eating all this. I wasn't hungry for several days afterwards.

Reuben Hills in Surry Hills. I had the pork arepas, which were nice however a bit spicy and meat-y for a first meal of the day.

Bagel with avocado, feta, corn and tomatoes at Brewtown Newtown. Really good, although overpriced for what it is, now that I think about it. Maybe brunch should be defined as "spending loads of money on a meal you could easily put together at home"?

At Paramount Coffee Project, which is a popular cafe I hadn't visited before. I wasn't in the mood for their heavier offerings (e.g. fried chicken and waffles), so I got the BKE roll (bacon, kale and egg) which I wasn't expecting much from. It ended up being bizarrely good, I'm not sure if it was the garlic in the eggs or the texture of the kale but it worked. I wasn't a fan of the coffee I had this time, it had that sour taste to it I dislike.

Happy New Year! When this post goes up I will be in New York, spending all my money on brunches there.

This is a scheduled post, I'm currently travelling overseas. I'll be reading your comments via email, but won't be able to reply immediately.