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January 17, 2017

Mexico City

I was in Mexico City for two nights as a sort of stopover before heading into Cuba. Mexico City is huge, both geographically and population-wise. Since I only had one full day, I decided to concentrate on the historic city centre. It was really, really crowded, and definitely had a big city feel. It reminded me of Buenos Aires, but with more people.

My hostel was a short walk from the centre.

House of tiles.

I then went to the National Palace to see the Diego Rivera murals. I totally recommend it; it's free, just leave some form of ID (I left my license) with security.

The grounds are nice and calming too.

Then I met up with a walking tour of the city centre.

Cinema Rio - an adult cinema!

Afterwards, I went for tacos al pastor for lunch. I had no idea how to order at the stall set up but this nice old couple helped me out. Three of them worked out to be less than $2AUD altogether and while they weren't life changing, they were damn solid tacos I would've had to pay $6 each for in Sydney.

I then went to Templo Mayor, ruins in the middle of the city.

Walked around a bit more on the side streets.

Visited the National Gallery, where there was an Otto Dix exhibition I liked (no photos allowed). The permanent collection didn't interest me much, but I loved the inside of the museum. Looks like a spooky old mansion.

The Bellas Artes metro stop sign is originally from Paris.

Came across a random market near my hostel and had a quesadilla. Again, not mind blowing but so good for the price.

Walked past this elotes stand, which is corn with spices, mayo and lime. I'd been really excited to try it but I didn't like it! I think the texture of the corn is different to what I like.

That was one day in Mexico City! I would totally be keen to go back and explore more. To be honest the historical centre, while interesting, didn't feel special; given a do-over I'd probably stay and spend the day somewhere like Coyoacan. I was there alone, I speak barely any Spanish, and I felt quite safe all day (but I didn't stay out too long after dark).

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