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January 22, 2017

Splitting the set

My parents moved some furniture while I was away, revealing this blank wall across from a window - as if made for outfit pictures. Not sure if I can promise many more though, as I'll probably never be home during daylight hours when I start full time work this week (maybe on weekends?).

ASOS t-shirt / Grana silk pants / Cole Haan loafers / DW watch* which I wore for brunch and also for the purpose of breaking these shoes in (it's going okay, no injuries yet).

As was the original intention, I've been incorporating my silk set (which I bought for gradball last year) into my regular wardrobe. As with all silk, I was a bit cautious at first, but I figure wearing something ten times before somehow damaging it is better than not wearing it at all. While the shell top has been easier to style (it works with pretty much all my trousers and skirts), I'm going to try to wear and wash both items a similar number of times so they age at the same rate. Both are going to be good additions to my summer work wardrobe.

Speaking of my summer work wardrobe, I'm not sure if I have enough hot-weather work appropriate clothing at the moment. The hospital I was placed at for the last two years had lots of parking close by but the one I'm starting at this year doesn't, so I'm going to have to walk a lot more, which is a decidedly sweaty business in the middle of summer. I'm going to try and make the most of my t-shirts (I think I could wear the outfit in this post) until the weather cools (although who knows when that'll be).

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