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January 26, 2017

Top to toe

Just some bits and pieces I've picked up lately.

Foot covers from Miniso. I used to wear my loafers on bare feet, as most of the no-show socks I'd tried would slip off while walking. These ones that I came across have the grippy gel lining all around the foot, not just the heel, so they stay put all day. They're so good, I went and bought another two pairs.

New skincare. I usually wait for a Priceline 40% skincare sale when I want to try new products. I've used the Indeed Labs Retinol before and liked it, but I changed my routine and never got around to repurchasing. I'd also been looking for a mattifying moisturiser and the Avène one is well reviewed.

Hair stuff. When I got my haircut last week I allowed my hairdresser a bit too much artistic license, so it's now shorter than I meant it to to be. Not a big deal, it'll grow, but I'd forgotten how hard shorter hair is to keep under control. My hair is prone to looking puffy or helmet-like, so I'm experimenting with some texturising products. I haven't been particularly successful though, so my hair's been in a ponytail most days.

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