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January 24, 2017


Continuing the photos from my December trip. Trinidad was the main city in Cuba I wanted to see after Havana. It started as a colonial town which grew off sugar mills and the slave trade. It's quite small, but I've never been in any city so colourful. It's also my favourite kind of place - walkable, cobblestoned and extremely photogenic. I was also surprised at how touristy it is - the town is actually a UNESCO world heritage site. There is apparently good nightlife in Trinidad too, but I didn't go out.

The first afternoon started with a walking tour.

I wasn't really paying attention, just snapping photos like mad.

This place is a Santería temple, which is a religion that has origins in Yoruba (a West African religion) and Catholicism.

The shrine. It was really fascinating.

The guide took us to an artist's studio with these great views over the city.

The next day, the rest of the tour group went on a rainforest walk, but I was keen to stay in town and walk around.

The cobblestones were pretty hard on my feet. I was wearing my Chelsea boots, and as they don't have laces they're prone to kind of slipping around my ankles on rough ground.

Inside the cathedral.

Architecure Museum, which was more of a decorative arts museum.

You can climb the tower for views all around. Those are the Escambray mountains.

I had a bit of a siesta in the afternoon. We were staying in casa particulares, which are privately owned homestays. This one was beautiful.

In the evening our group had dinner and drinks on the nearby beach.

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