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January 30, 2017


More from Cuba! Viñales is a very small town with only one main street, but it's popular with tourists because of the nature-related sights around. It's also where a lot of tobacco (for cigars of course) is grown. Personally, I don't think the nature itself was impressive enough to warrant going out of the way, but it was still interesting to have visited the town nonetheless.

An awesome pink hotel.

The view across the valley from a lookout point.

We went on a tour of the valley the next morning.

A tiny puppy who was strutting around like it owned the place.

We visited a tobacco farm, where they also roll their own cigars (I bought some for my dad which he has been enjoying).

For lunch, we went to this farm that serves food they grow themselves, which I enjoyed. This was the view.

Then in the afternoon we went to see the Mural de la Prehistoria (prehistoric mural), which is this gigantic, kind of amazingly tacky mural painted into one of the mountains. It's called that as it depicts the theory of evolution, not because it's actually prehistoric.

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