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February 12, 2017

Linen shirt

Uniqlo top / Mango pants / Cole Haan loafers.

An addition to my summer wardrobe out of necessity. Like I complained here, I didn't have many tops I could wear for hot weather that were work appropriate. I decided to try out linen, which I kept hearing was the ultimate summer fabric, so I picked this top up on sale from Uniqlo. The long sleeved ones were actually cheaper, but I figured if it was hot enough to wear linen it'd be too hot to wear long sleeves. I like it a lot! It does feel quite breathable and dry, and when I do sweat through it it dries quickly. I think the long line of this looks nice with slim pants but I'm probably going to get it altered shorter, so it's easier to wear untucked over more relaxed pants.

I ended up forking out for a staff parking pass so I don't have to walk on the way to work as much, so I probably jumped the gun with this purchase. I think I'll still get a lot of use out of it though, since I didn't have many things to wear for 30+ temps in terms of casual clothes either.

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