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February 10, 2017

One week down

I have survived my first week as a doctor! Technically, I started full time work two weeks ago, but that was mostly orientation workshops and shadowing. Surprisingly, it wasn't terrible, and I don't hate it. There's a lot of work to do, but each task is generally manageable. My registrar (who is my direct senior) was super patient with all my stupid questions and there's another intern on my team who is lovely. Other teams have also been really nice about my terrible requests for consults as well. I'm exhausted, though - I've been finding myself skipping lunch and staying back a lot to catch up on paperwork, and I feel like I don't have time in the evenings to do anything other than shower and eat before I go to bed. Hopefully I'll get more efficient soon.

In other news, how bloody hot has it been in Sydney? It's been pushing 40C several days a week for the last few weeks, it's like it will never end. In the ultimate act of laziness, I've started paying for staff parking at hospital, so I at least don't have to walk far. I'm venturing outside this weekend, let's hope I don't get injured from this heat.

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