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February 21, 2017


December travels continued. After Havana, I met up with my friend Jenny in Cancun and we based ourselves in Playa del Carmen for a few days. We did a day trip to Tulum from there, mainly to see the ruins. We decided to try and get there are opening time, so instead of taking a day tour or an ADO bus, we got a colectivo (shared taxi) since they start earlier.

It was pretty beautiful. I thought I was jaded when it came to ruins but the seaside setting made these ones special.

Since we didn't do a tour I don't actually have anything interesting facts to share.

There's even a beach you can access.

We definitely congratulated ourselves on turning up early because when we left the tickets line was insane.

After lunch in town, we took a taxi to Gran Cenote. Cenotes are collapsed caves filled with water, and are all over this part of Mexico. We swam and snorkelled there; I managed to get over my claustrophobia when it comes to snorkelling (hard to explain, but the feeling of breathing in with my face in the water feels wrong) enough to enjoy it. There were lots of fish and even turtles, and you could see how deep the cave went with its stalagmites growing upwards. It was better than snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef!

Playa del Carmen itself I didn't find too special. We spent most of our time at the beach and drank a lot of Starbucks. We did have the best charcoal chicken of my life at Asadero el Pollo, which is the only recommendation I have to make for the town.

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