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March 12, 2017

Antigua i

More from my trip in December (I'm aware these posts seem neverending).

Antigua in Guatemala was a bit of a detour, but during my planning a friend told me that I definitely had to go while in the general region. And she was right. It's a colonial town about an hour from Guatemala City, with cobblestones and painted houses much like Trinidad. It's special for the surrounding scenery, with the Volcan Agua rising to the south, and also for the ruins of old buildings left from an earthquake in 1773, dotted all over the town.

We arrived in the late afternoon and hit the footpaths straight away.

The Santa Catalina archway.

I wasn't expecting it, but Antigua is a pretty foodie town! We had dinner at Hectors, a French bistro, with amazing fries.

The next day, we had a full day to explore.

One of many ruins.

We walked up to the hill of the cross, which gave us an awesome view around town.

While many of the ruins are closed, some are maintained and open to the public for a fee. This one is Las Capuchinas convent.

This one wasn't open, unfortunately the name of it escapes me.

The streets are just too pretty.

La Merced church.

We had lunch Luna de Miel, a crepe place.

More ruins - Colegio San Jeronimo.

We were allowed to clamber all over these rocks, there weren't any roped off areas at any of the ruins we visited (even if there seemed to be a health and safety risk).

Part ii coming up!

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