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March 6, 2017

Dad jeans

Uniqlo t-shirt / Lee jeans via my dad / Cole Haan loafers.

A couple of weeks ago, I went rifling through my father's wardrobe (with permission) in search of a belt. This was unsuccessful, but I did end up coming away with an entire pair of jeans. I had been looking for new light wash jeans since my last pair finally wore out after ten years (they started off as dark wash). I saw my dad's pile of jeans and tried them on for laughs, and surprisingly these fit nicely, so he let me have them. The pockets, as with all men's clothes, are amazing - I can fit my Kindle in the front. Without a belt, they sit on my hips, but I'm looking for a jean belt to wear them as more high-waisted. I also considered getting them altered shorter, but I wouldn't be able to give them back to my dad if I got bored of them, so I'll probably leave them as is for now.

I don't think I should buy/acquire anymore clothes for the rest of this year, unless it's to replace something that's worn out. I probably have 120% of the amount of clothes I really need. However, I'm possibly moving out towards the end of the year, so I'll probably end up channeling (i.e. wasting) my money and energy on interior decoration instead of wardrobe planning.

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