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March 26, 2017

On the weekend

I had an unusually active weekend. Here's a play-by-play. As you can see, I've redownloaded VSCO, the powerful tool for making boring photos look interesting.

Friday night, I hopped on the train straight after work drinks.

I met up with Deb for burgers and Down-n-out.

We both got chicken burgers. I asked her to get me a sangria and she came back with this entire jug? Which I proceeded to drink most of.

Feeling merry in the toilet, with my face matching my top matching the doors.

I made her walk all the way to The Star so I could get Messina. My new favourite is Nicky Glasses, which I think was only recently made a regular flavour? It's coffee, caramel and whipped cream.

On the way back.

Saturday mornings are usually fry up breakfast days, but I was feeling icky from overindulging the night before, so I just had a hot cross bun and coffee.

After some life admin stuff, I had lunch. My life has been changed since I realised how easy it is to make your own pasta sauce. This one was just tomato, garlic and cream cheese, with a bit of chilli powder for a kick. And extra cheese.

I did some study. I need to buy a proper anatomy atlas, but they're so expensive...

Then I got dressed for a party at YYs. I wore an old leopard print belt on my current favourite jeans, an unusual injection of Personality With Accessories.

Had dinner beforehand - obviously I've been on a chicken burger kick.

Some life advice on the wall at YY's - and that is what I proceeded to do.

Wai Lam and a balloon chain.

This gross concoction of red wine, tequila, lemonade, coke and possibly pineapple juice? It was disgusting.

Sunday morning found me feeling a tiny bit worse for wear. I had my favourite breakfast - Shin Ramyun instant ramen.

I made myself presentable and put on my sunnies, because the weather had decided it wanted to be sunny again.

Caught up with some friends over late lunch at The Pie Tin in Newtown - I had a steak and peppercorn pie, and overreached with my sides a bit.

Then I came home and moped about having to go to work again tomorrow.

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