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April 9, 2017

A wholesome Saturday

We finally had a sunny Saturday yesterday, and I went to YY's house to help her and Lucinda pick olives in the garden.

Our harvest.

We picked most of the lower branches clean.

YY had baked focaccia for our lunch.

We ate it with cheeses, tomato, and roast pumpkin. I'm so into roast pumpkin on bread now.

Here are the olives, which we'd sorted, split, and put into salt water. Apparently they need to soak in brine for a week (with the water changed every day), and then you can put them into jars to pickle.

YY and Lucinda picking herbs to dry and put into the pickling jars next week.

Lucinda also showed us how to make mint tea, with mint from the garden.

That was probably the healthiest Saturday activity I've done in a while. It was fun! You can see YY's fancier photos here.

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