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April 2, 2017


NYC was the last stop on our trip, and we arrived in the very early morning of new year's eve after an overnight flight from Guatemala City. I'd been here once before, when I was 19 and on my first solo trip. I'd found it intimidating then, but I had a few more years' experience under my belt this time around - and a whole heap more friends to hang out with.

We stayed in a one-bedroom flat in the Lower East Side the first few days, sharing with Wai Lam and her friend Yi (who had been travelling around the US).

Right around the corner from Clinton St Baking Company - which have the best pancakes I've ever had.

We then walked to Soho, did some shopping, and then napped a bit before heading out to a party for NYE. Long story short, I found myself in bed at about 12.30am that night after having overextended myself at the open bar (I'm not used to the American free-pour).

The next day, we woke up at a suitably late hour and had brunch at Schiller's. I had the mac and cheese - not bad.

We then took the subway uptown to Central Park, since it was nice weather, to walk off the night before.

Next day was suitably bad weather for walking the High Line.

We had a late lunch at The Spotted Pig. They're famous for their burger, except they weren't serving them... so I got a really expensive grilled cheese sandwich instead.

After some shopping that night, we met up with some others and had pizza at Lombardi's. They were massive, and pretty good, although expensive.

The next morning we were back at Clinton St Baking Company and I had the chicken and waffles, which were not as good as their pancakes.

It was absolutely perfect weather for walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Not.

We were absolutely soaked through.

We walked around a little bit before giving up.

Then we decided the wet weather warranted a museum, so we went to the Frick Collection. It was okay.

At a cat cafe later than evening. Quite relaxing.

Then we went to 230 Fifth, a rooftop bar midtown with a view of the Empire State Building. The fog made it look like a scene from Bladerunner.

Another morning - another brunch. I've completely forgotten the name of this place though.

Wai Lam and Yi - who were leaving that day - still hadn't gone down to the financial district/Battery Park so we accompanied them.

After we said our goodbyes, we headed up to 5th Ave to do some more shopping.

We walked all the way down to Shake Shack in Flatiron, where I tried the mushroom burger for the first time. I was in love.

Part ii coming up.

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