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April 6, 2017

NYC ii

Finally the last post from my trip! See part i here.

The next day I decided to utilise the convenience of our flat and walked the Williamsburg Bridge.

Very pink - very fahsionable.

There weren't many other tourists on it at all.

Hung out in Williamsburg for a while, checking out thrift stores.

Then I met up with Jenny again for lunch at Rubys in Nolita.

That night we went with a few others to a comedy show - it was fun! But very expensive, as you need to pay for the ticket as well as spend a minimum amount on drinks and food.

Next morning - brunch at Jacks Wife Freda. I was feeling guilty about all the heavy food I'd been eating, so got a yoghurt and muesli.

Then walked to West Village.

It's such a pretty neighbourhood.

Washington Square Park. I continued walking to Union Square, then I got tired so I hopped on the train.

Went to MOMA, where I'd been before and enjoyed.

The New York Public Library.

Another Shake Shack dinner, before going out for some drinks.

On our last day, we woke to a blizzard.

We had brunch (last one I promise) at Red Rooster in Harlem. I was hoping to walk around and check out some of the houses which I'd heard were interesting, but it was just too snowy.

We popped into Levain bakery on the Uppwer West Side, famous for their cookies - they were amazing.

And we finished our last day with shuffling from store-to-store, trying not to fall over. I feel like we did more things than I photographed - in addition to Wai Lam and Yi, we knew four other people in NYC at the same time as us, so there was a lot of socialising. A more fulfilling visit than my first, for sure!

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