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May 7, 2017

Food catch-up

Couple of food shots I've taken over the last two or so months.

Brunch at Cook and Archie's.

Brunch at Haven.

Mushroom sushi burger and fried chicken at Gojima. Burger was alright, fried chicken was really good.

Best hot chocolate in Sydney at Koko Black.

Korean fried chicken, really good, at a Korean place in Chinatown I've now forgotten the name of.

Lunch at Badde Manors.

Brunch in the sun at Culture Bean.

Whenever I'm silent for more than a week here, you know I'm having a bad time in real life. I've been getting used to my new rotation - new hours, new team, new expectations. I finished my last term feeling pretty successful, but now I feel back at step one and just as anxious and down about work as when I first started. Hopefully things start looking up.

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