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June 18, 2017


Uniqlo silk shirt and jeans / Cole Haan loafers / graduation gown with the tackiest colour combination.

I attended my graduation yesterday. For some reason, our graduation ceremonies are in June despite the academic year ending in November. So our class has been working as doctors for almost six months now, which made the ceremony and taking the oath a bit anticlimactic. The weather was also pretty dreary, as you can see, which made photos difficult. My mum was definitely more excited about it than I was. It was nice to see everyone, though.

As our faculty's colour is purple (instead of a normal respectable blue or red or literally anything else) I decided to go with trusty black and white underneath. I actually built the outfit up from the shoes - I really wanted to wear loafers because they make me feel scholarly (plus you know how I feel about heels), and I like to wear pants with loafers, which then left me to pick out my dressiest white top.

Later that night, a few of us went out for drinks to catch up on the gossip, which was way more fun than the ceremony! We went to Bulletin Place, which is a super cosy bar, where I spent way too much money on fancy cocktails.

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