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August 13, 2017

3.5 weeks in a backpack

I'm officially on leave and on Wednesday I'm heading to Europe! It's a scaled-back trip compared to my last few - city hopping starting in Moscow, then St Petersburg, Vienna, Budapest, and Edinburgh (if Edinburgh seems the odd one out, it's because I'm doing a short surgical skills course there). As there won't be the temperature or activity extremes like the last two trips, deciding what to pack has been relatively easy this time, and I'm pretty confident I'll be able to travel carry on all my flights.

Sources here but they're not the exact items I have.

Mostly my old travel staples, plus two relatively new sleeveless tops - my silk shell and linen button down. I have been consistently bad at packing for hot weather - as you can see, I'm still refusing to pack shorts or a skirt (I just prefer not to wear them in general). Hoping those tops with loose pants are fine for Budapest, which will be the hottest destination (high 20s-30C). Conversely, the coldest will be Edinburgh (10-15C), where I guess I'll layer up with my cardigan, parka and jeans. And then the usual mix and match in between. For once, I didn't have to deliberate for ages about the shoes - my Chelsea boots definitely proved themselves worthy last time. They've been resoled and are ready to go.

And yes, I am also taking things like underwear, socks, pyjamas, and flip-flops for the shower. I didn't include them because I figured there's no option not to take them, and also because they're just not very aesthetic, are they?

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