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September 13, 2017

3.5 weeks in a backpack: 10 outfits

Hello! I'm back! Before I sit down and face the daunting task of editing hundreds of photos, here is my review of what I packed in my backpack for this trip. I did successfully end up doing carry-on only for all my flights this time. The following 10 outfits are pretty much all the ones I wore over those weeks.

ASOS t-shirt / Cotton on pants / Dune boots for almost dying from heatstroke in Moscow after underestimating how hot it was going to be.

Grana silk shell / Cotton on pants / Dune boots for when I wanted to look semi-nice e.g. when realising how well-dressed women are in Moscow, or intending to go to the opera in Vienna (never made it).

ASOS t-shirt / Glassons shorts / Dune boots for when I finally gave into wearing the shorts I packed last minute to explore Gorky Park in Moscow. Look how happy I am about it.

Uniqlo parka / ASOS t-shirt / Uniqlo jeans / Dune boots for reasonable temperatures in St Petersburg and Edinburgh.

Uniqlo linen shirt / Cotton on pants / Dune boots for hot weather again in Vienna.

Uniqlo t-shirt / Cotton on pants / Dune boots for milder warm weather in Bratislava.

Uniqlo t-shirt / Glassons shorts / Fjallraven Kanken backpack / Dune boots for a walking tour and pub crawl in Budapest.

Grana silk shell / Glassons shorts / Dune boots for more walking around in the heat in Budapest (that was my second ice cream in the space of half an hour).

Jack and Jones cardigan / Uniqlo linen shirt / Cotton On pants / Dune boots on a cool day during a day trip to the Danube bend.

Uniqlo parka / Uniqlo t-shirt / Uniqlo jeans / Dune boots for being sick with gastro in St Petersburgh, and exploring and doing a surgical skills course in Edinburgh. (This is possibly the best photo a stranger has ever taken of me. She even did the kneeling down to make me look taller thing. Thank you, kind lady).

For an Australian I deal quite badly with hot weather. I'm just not built for it, okay - I get sweaty so easily and I'm not happy unless I'm slightly cold. I ended up throwing a pair of shorts into my luggage after re-reading my last two packing review posts where I mentioned I wished I'd taken shorts, and for once, the "just in case" worked out. I thought about buying a new pair of shorts, but I've never met a pair of shorts I like so there'd be no point. On the other spectrum, it didn't actually get cold enough for me to have to wear both my cardigan and parka - so I could've done without taking the cardigan along.

Silk and linen were two new fabrics I travelled with this time. Silk is a bit questionable. Pros include being light, picking up almost no odour, being easy to handwash in the sink and being really quick drying. The main con is that it doesn't wick sweat - so instead of being soaked up and evaporating from your clothes, sweat kind of just stays on your skin and you can feel it slide down your body. It feels weird. Linen is really good, though - cool, wicking, and quick-drying. I think I'll add more linen when it comes to replacing summer wardrobe items.

Also linking up thematically with an interview I did with Archana about clothes and personal style and such before I left. You can find it here. Warning - I ramble on a lot.

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