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September 21, 2017

Moscow ii

Part i here. Because I liked it so much I couldn't fit all the photos into one post.

I was enamoured with this building, and my friends couldn't understand why.

Dumplings at Cafe Puskin. Russian dumplings range from being like tortellini, to tasting almost like Chinese dumplings.

This crazy looking place is the Izmailovsky Kremlin. It's a kind of theme park place.

We were there for the flea and souvenir markets.

There was loads of cool stuff. I ended up buying someone's old collection of Soviet-era stamps.

We went up to the terrace of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour for this view.

And then to the rooftop bar of the Ritz Carlton for this one.

Cool street art near our hotel.

The gates to Gorky Park, which is huge.

It's actually such a cool place - so nicely maintained, lots of little food outlets, bikes/skateboards for rent and most importantly: many toilets.

It's also home to the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

There was this awesome exhibit called Bone Music, about bootleg records from the 60s and 70s Soviet period that were recorded on old x-rays.

Unfortunately the rest of the exhibits were closed, but it was worth paying to see this one.

Muzeon Park of Arts, across the road. It's filled with loads of sculptures, including old ones from the USSR.

Then we took a boat ride on the river, thinking it'd be a good way to see the rest of the sites. I promptly fell asleep.

Last look at St Basil's.

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